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 Aussie-Doodle's, Bichon's, Bichon-Poo's, Boston Terriers,
Cava-Chon's, Cava-Poo's, Cavalier's, Lhasa-Poo's,
Lhasa-Tese, Mal-Shi's, Maltese, Malti-Poo's, Morkie's,
Pek-a-Poo's, Pek-a-Lier's, Pek-a-Tese, Pekingese, Poodles, Shih-a-Poo's,
Shih-tzu's, Shinese, Teddy Bear's, Yorkies, Yorki-Poo's

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On our website we provide a list of available puppies, which
includes their birthdates, ship dates, price, registration, and their picture. We also offer puppy records, a copy of our guarantee and contract for purchasing our puppies so you will know all of the stipulations of shipping, sales, and returns. We also have a very honest representation of all of our puppies. Feel free to browse our website for more information and please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Burrow Kountry Kennel - 2375 NW 400 Rd., Osceola, MO 64776 - PH. (417)646-7796

We have so many beautiful designer breed puppies to choose from here at BurrowKountryKennel.com
 Thank you for visiting our website. Here at Burrow Kountry Kennel we are pleased to offer quality puppies for sale, all with health guarantees. All breeding programs are based on knowledge and the commitment to producing high quality puppies for each owners years of love and enjoyment. Our breeding program is carefully selected, and as breeders we strive to breed the best dogs we can for you to take home and love as one of your own family members. We not only raise and breed our dogs, we love our dogs. We love what we do and we love the satisfaction of seeing a happy family after they have purchased a puppy from us. There is nothing better than recieving greeting cards or thank you e-mails with pictures of a recently placed puppy with their new family.

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